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Coursey, Herbert

Dick-Hobbs, Maureen

Earle, Margaret

Ferguson, Michael

Gardner, Rex

Greenberg, Blanche

Hand, Matthew

Hickner, Martha

Hunninghake, Janet

Karr, Joan

Khoo, Jit-Seng

King, Peggy

Nikonova, Elena

Peixoto, Jose Mauro

Phillips, Vincent

Rossman, Linda

Saravo, Anne

Thalmann, Ruediger

COURSEY, Herbert

Retired Chemistry Teacher
Texas, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Mozart - Sonata in G major, KV283

Herbert Coursey is 72 and a retired chemistry teacher. He studied piano for two seasons with Silvio Scionti at UNT, attended seminary in New York City for a year, was drafted and survived two years in the US Army, returned to New York for four years, sang Lieder and comprimario roles in opera theater, was a voice student and participant at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont, took voice lessons at the Frankfurt Hochschuele fuer Musik – and also with Max Hellman, Margaret Harshaw, Charles Kullman, and Martial Singher. He earned a Master of music in Voice at Indiana University in Bloomington, and sang a commemorative concert of Die Winterreise in Carnegie Recital Hall on the 150 th anniversary of Schubert's death.

For a total of 35 years he taught public high school in New York City and Texas. For more than 31 years he has been at the Jewish Congregation Beth El of Tyler as its singer for service music.

Following school retirement, Herb resumed piano once again, with Helen Elbert in Tyler. His wife, Josephine Coursey, teaches microbiology and anatomy and physiology to health profession students at Tyler Junior College. Their son, John Michael “Lars”, lives in Seattle and is a trainer for Microsoft. Herb practices on a fine Model B Steinway bought many years ago but kept in pristine condition.

His goal: “To play the great piano music I love, the same way as I hear it in my head.”


Registered Nurse
Texas, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Brahms - Rhapsody in G minor, Op.79 No.2
Although I grew up in San Francisco, I have been living in Lubbock, Texas for approximately twenty years. I enjoy Lubbock, mainly because of its friendly people.

I started studying the piano at the age of six and it has become a strong common denominator throughout my life.

My hobbies include ballet and gourmet coocking. Professionally, I am a registered nurse and work as a neonatal intensive care nurse.

EARLE, Margaret

Registered Nurse and Ballet Teacher
Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Chopin - Nocturne in E minor, Op.72 No.1

Registered nurse at Brigham and Women's Hopital, Boston for 34 years in the neonatal intensive care unit.
25 years of teaching classical ballet at my studio, Le Studio de Ballet, Andover, Massachusetts.

Studied piano as a child in both Denmark and U.S.A. Restarted as an adult in 1990 under my present wonderful teacher, Evgenia Alexandrovna Mironovich.

Playing the piano is very important to me. Also enjoy keeping up my Danish, Russian and French languages, both verbally and written.


Taxicab Driver
California, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Beethoven - Sonata No.18 in E flat major, Op.31 No.3 (Mov. I)

I was born in 1953 and grew up in Ohio. My father was a high school biology teacher and my mother was a nurse. It was a blue collar industrial community. My first piano lessons were from my father – who happens to be a good amateur violinist, but not much of a pianist. My study was intermittent in my childhood, but I became much more serious about the piano in my teens. I studied piano for one year at Ohio State University and for various reasons decided not to pursue it any further. I hardly played at all for the next twenty or so years. I got so I didn't even listen to music much. I've been driving a taxicab in San Francisco for the last sixteen years.

On Easter Sunday of 1995 I picked up a man in my taxicab who got me started playing the piano again. It's quite a long story, but I started playing again in the summer of 1995 after over 20 years of not playing. When I started again I didn't even know the scales. I couldn't play anything. It seemed like everything was gone. I didn't think I would ever be as good as I was at 19, but I was better than that in six months. It came back in a flood. It astonished me, how fast I recovered and surpassed what I used to be able to do. It was a very intense preoccupation that first year. I continue to improve and make progress.

Piano is a struggle for me. My teacher in my high school years told me I was not the most talented student he had ever seen, but I was without a doubt the hardest working. Coming to this institute will be a great triumph. Originally I had planned to enter the Amateur Piano Competition, but I think at this time the Institute will be more appropriate for me. I need more experience playing before an audience and I hope this Institute will afford me that. I look forward to meeting and hearing other pianists. Preparing for this over the last two years has kept me very focused and motivated. But I don't feel that I have a strong enough musical community around me. So this event will be good for me through instruction, performance opportunities, and making contacts within the community of pianists.

Aside from playing the piano I wear a number of different hats. I've been a taxicab driver in San Francisco for the last sixteen years, and also a medallion holder. I do a lot of photography, both darkroom and digital. I cut cabochons from various kinds of rocks. I write and publish occasionally in academic journals. I speak German fairly well having attended a university there a long time ago. I studied Japanese language for five or six years, but do not speak it well. I'm interested in cosmology, evolution, mathematics, cultural history, bookbinding, and I recently assembled my own computer from components.

There are a lot of side roads in my life, some dead ends, some reversals, and some revivals, like the piano. It doesn't really make sense, and it's kind of hard to explain how everything fits together. But I find that nothing is wasted, and the diverse strands have a way of coming together in strange ways sometimes. I look forward to enjoying and participating in this Institute.


Retired Hospital Administrator Executive
Tennessee, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Chopin - Ballade No.3 in A flat major, Op. 47

C. Rex Gardner, a native Oklahoman, started his piano training at age 13 and continued through his freshman year at the University of Oklahoma before changing his major studies to Business Administration. After earning a Master's Degree, he worked in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he was a student of Ralph Berkowitz, former Dean of the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood and piano accompanist with renowned cellist Gregor Piatigorsky. While studying with Mr. Berkowitz, Rex participated in the June Music Festivals and attended the Berkshire Music Camp where he had a master class with the late Béla Böszörményi-Nagy.

Mr. Gardner's music career was interrupted for 30 years due to career transfers to many states until his retirement in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee, where he currently resides and studies with Dr. Jerome Reed, Chairman, Piano Department of Lipscomb University. Rex recently added study with Dr. Amy Dorfman, Associate Professor of Piano at Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University. He has attended the TCU/Cliburn Piano Institute as a performer or observer for the past four years.

Mr. Gardner actively participates in and has performed for the Steinway Society of Nashville. His other interests and hobbies include world travel, reading and studying the great composers, politics, beagles, and genealogy. He was fortunate to be in Russia in 1998 when he attended the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition, and has made a trip (sponsored by Adam Wobrowski, Piano Professor at the Paris Conservatory), which followed the exact route Chopin and George Sand took from Paris to Majorca in 1837. Rex has 2 children and one granddaughter.


Retired Elementary Teacher
Colorado, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Liszt - Sonetto 104 del Petrarca

In this senior period of my life, I consider myself so fortunate that I have been able to attend the Cliburn Piano Institute for the past three years in the Amateur's Program!

I began the study of piano, as a child, and proceeded later to enter the University of Colorado as a piano major, with the dream of earning a performance degree in Music. This dream however wasn't realized due to a piano injury.

I later earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Elementary Education and taught a variety of secular subjects in several grade levels for many years in a Jewish Day School in Denver.

My “return” to the study of piano and music, almost 30 years later, was made possible through my understanding and attention to daily exercise; to allow for flexibility and strong muscles throughout the body, without tension. Over a long period to now, I've been so fortunate to also have had good teachers with a wide understanding of music literature, technique, and individual needs. It has also been my good fortune to have been accepted as a piano student for the last ten years at the Aspen Music School with an excellent teacher, who also performs at the Festival.

The TCU/Cliburn Piano Institute experience has been such a long-lasting, good inspiration! It has developed my ability to play, record, and perform certain chosen works in preparation to attend, on a very high level. By attending the Institute, one is also able to hear and become acquainted with a wide variety of music and interpretation; as well as to become acquainted with many other Amateurs from various backgrounds and professions, who share similar needs and goals.

My husband and I are the parents of three sons, who have given us eight grandchildren. I feel so blessed also, that I have been given the gift of music; that I hope to continue to nourish and develop through my continual study and ability to perform!

HAND, Matthew

Humanitarian Relief
Florida, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Prokofiev - Montagues and Capulets, Op.75 No.10 from " Romeo and Juliet"

Chamber Music Repertoire
Tchaikovsky - Piano Trio in A minor, Op.50 (Mov. I)

Matthew Hand, a native of South Florida, has spent half his life in the Middle East, where he oversees relief work and peace initiatives. He is currently organizing dialogue between Muslims, Eastern Christians and Westerners in response to the events of September 11, and is responsible for an ongoing development program among the Kurds of Northern Iraq and Eastern Turkey.

In his youth, Matthew was an avid student of the piano, but never pursued this interest professionally. He enjoys chamber music, concerts, snorkeling and cigars. Matthew is 39 years of age and married with two children.



Family Physician
Minnesota, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Mendelssohn - Fantasies or Caprices, Op.16

Chamber Music Repertoire
Beethoven - Piano Trio in B flat major, Op.11 (Mov. II)

Martha Hickner is a Family Practice physician and mother of 5 children. Currently her full time work equally divided between administrative and clinical duties as the chief physician for five urgent care clinics in Minneapolis and St. Paul associated with Health Partners. The motto for Health Partners' current initiatives is “Pursuing Perfection”.

These words are equally apropos when describing why I come to the TCU/Cliburn Piano Institute. In both cases there is a long way to go, but the journey invaluable. For the past two years the Piano Institute has provided the inspiration to carry me through another year of work, parenting, and (sometimes) diligent practice. Music is the inspiration that fuels the soul. TCU/Cliburn provides the kindling.


Texas, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Mozart - Fantasy in C minor, KV 475

Janet Hunninghake has studied the piano since the age of four. She has studied with Karlien Alde, Kim Van Cura, Mary Beth Barteau, Sylvia Wang and Rene Lecuona. She has performed in master classes with Kenneth Amada, Jeremy Menuhin and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

With the National Piano Guild, she holds eight National Pianist titles, three state titles, and one district title. She also is the silver medal recipient of the 1981 International Piano Guild Recording Competition. In 1988 she was named best soloist in the National Music Teachers Association Orchestral competition in Washington D.C. and performed on stage at Avery Fisher Hall in the Kennedy Center. She is also the 1988 Iowa Center for the Arts scholarship recipient at the University of Iowa.

Although unable to perform professionally due to a tendonitis injury in both hands, Miss Hunninghake has maintained a relatively active career. She taught piano lessons from 1992 through 2003, and was the music director for “Hello Dolly!”, Annie Get Your Gun” “Anything Goes” and “HMS Pinnafore”. The first three productions took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the last took place in Waco, Texas.

Miss Hunninghake enjoys composing music and has appeared as a guest on several CDs for bands in the Minneapolis area. She has an active interest in reading and writing short stories and poetry. Additionally, she enjoys spending time outside hiking, biking and camping, as well as spending time with her Golden Retriever, Max.

KARR, Joan

Retired Educator/Special Events Planner
Michigan, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Scriabin - Preludes, Op.11 Nos. 2, 4, 14, 22 and Op.51 No.2

Joan Karr was born in Niagara Falls, New York and studied piano as a child. She attended The University of Michigan where she received a B.A. and M.A. in Education. After teaching at the elementary level, she left to teach at the university level, so returned to Ann Arbor for doctoral study. Her dissertation was a historical analysis of the Department of Postgraduate Medicine, published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the department.

Joan served as chairman of the Departments of Continuing and Cooperative Education at Mercy College of Detroit. She also spent ten years in sports promotion and marketing, coordinating a major sponsorship for the Grand Prix of Miami for five years. Working with the National Football League alumni, she developed a weeklong series of events during the 1980 Super Bowl to benefit four health agencies working with children.

Joan was chairman of the Special Events Committee for WXEL public television, and is an advisory board member of the music department of Mission College in San Jose, California. She is a member of the National Women's Board of Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida.

For ten years, Joan was president of Karr and Co., a sports event and marketing company. She worked as coordinator of the largest sponsor at the Grand Prix of Miami for five years.

Joan and her husband have two children and five grandchildren, three of whom play the piano. Joan was selected to play with the Fort Worth Chamber Orchestra as a winner of the TCU/Cliburn Piano Institute Amateurs Program's concerto competition. Currently she and her husband divide their time between Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Palm Beach Garden, Florida.

Joan studies piano with Igor Resnianski.

KHOO, Jit-Seng

Plastic Surgeon/Professor
California, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition

Jit-Seng Khoo, M.D., F.A.C.S., a general surgeon and an American Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who was interested in Hand, Microvascular, Aesthetic and Congenital Defect surgery was born in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia.

 He received his A.A. degree from Kendall College, Evanston, IL, then went on to Trinity College, Hartford, CN, for his B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry. Finishing with Trinity he went to Northwestern University School of Medicine, Chicago, IL for his M.D. degree receiving it in 1971. He then finished further training in General Surgery at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, and Brown University, Providence, RI, where he also continued in its Plastic Surgery Training Program. In 1982, he was certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, then accepted a position as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Sacramento, CA from 1979-1984 and also became Assistant Clinical Professor in Plastic Surgery, University of California, Davis, CA. Since 1984, he has been in solo private practice.

 He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, California Medical Association, Lipoplasty Society of North America, The Greater Sacramento Society of Plastic Surgeons. He had lectured and published papers on various subjects in Plastic Surgery.

 He studied the piano privately at age 10 while in Indonesia. While working as a school janitor, dusting and cleaning the piano studio of a piano professor at Kendall College, Evanston, IL (1963-1965) he met Carol Lems-Dworkin, who then heard him play on the spot and decided to acquire a music scholarship for him. In 1964 he won the Chicagoland Music Festival Piano Division. While at Trinity College, in Hartford, CN, he met Geraldine Douglas, a concert pianist. Geraldine took an interest in him and found him a scholarship to study with her at the Hartford Conservatory of Music (1965-1967). He then decided to go to Northwestern University School of Medicine rather than Oberlin College, or Northwestern University School of Music. Because he could not carry a piano like a violin or a cello on his back without causing him to have severe back and neck pains, he had to stop playing for at least 16 or more years. Many years later, he resumed playing the piano and studied with Thomas L. Gentry, Professor Emeritus of piano performance of California State University, Sacramento and Richard Cionco, Professor of Piano performance, also from California State University.

           For him, to play the piano is to descend into another world where cares and suffering no longer exist, only the beauty of music, and how to express it then really matters. He also feels that exercising the fingers by playing the piano will prevent osteoarthritis of the small bones.

KING, Peggy

Fitness Instructor
Hawaii, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Scarlatti - Sonata in G minor, K.426
Scarlatti - Sonata in B minor, K.27

Chamber Music Repertoire
Mozart - Concerto in A major, KV414 (Mov. III)

Ms.King has resided in Kula, Maui for 27 years with her husband Bill,son Garfield and their 4 dogs and a cat.

She holds a degree in Piano Pedagogy from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, Colorado. Ms. King presently is a fitness instructor at Gold's Gym Maui( since 1984), and has also taught Physical Education and Class Piano at various elementary and middle schools on Maui.

Musical Experience and Studies: Ms. King has studied classical piano for over 25 years at various times throught her life. Peggy would like to acknowledge 3 very special teachers: Igor Resnianski (monthly lessons over the phone and sending videos back and forth), Ruth Murata (provided accompaniment and coaching for all of her ensemble selections for the Institute) Ellen Masaki (has provided ability appropiate performance opportunities inHawaii at her home and studio; and has been a great influence in Peggy's musical education over many years.

Ms. King has attended five T.C.U. Cliburn Piano Institute Amateur's Programs as a performer;one of them participating in the chamber music program. Peggy would like to thank Dr.Tamás Ungár and the TCU/Cliburn Piano Institute faculty for this wonderful performance and study venue for the amateur pianist.


Research/Postdoctoral Fellow
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Franck/Bauer - Prélude, fugue et variations, Op.18

Chamber Music Repertoire
Beethoven - Violin Sonata No.5 in F major, Op.24
 Rondo (Allegro, ma non troppo)

Born in Russia and raised in environment rich of Russian folk songs sang by strong and compassionate Don Cossack people, I started playing piano at age 6 within the Music School for Children. Seven years of extensive program had provided me ample opportunity to study not only piano performance with repertoire full of traditional Russian music (Balakirev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Prokofyev, Skriabin, Shostakovitch, Hatchaturyan, etc.) but also history of music, theory of music, and chorus. I really enjoyed sharing my love to music in everyday life, be it the Middle School Chorus (accompanist), or the Student Theater of Miniatures at the Medical School (concertmistress and a head of the recreation department), or simple home concerts, organized by my brother and other family members. After 1993 arrival in USA, where my husband Sergei, a PhD scientist proficient in vision research, was invited, I stopped playing piano for some time.

There were funny (now I can tell!) times of adjusting to new routines and raising two children. But Sergei, who also plays piano, always enjoyed me playing, especially music I wrote at his request to the poems from Tolkien's trilogy. It was a delight to get our first instrument in our tiny living room 9 years ago. Nevertheless, not until our daughter, Elena, now 12, had started taking piano lessons with Igor Resnianski, I realized that playing classical music still comprises a huge part of me, and most importantly the ability to do it. I'm very grateful to Igor who keeps sparkling many people lives with his enthusiasm, high professionalism and a true passion to what he does.

I truly believe that the TCU/Cliburn Piano Institute is a lifetime opportunity for me, which is an honor to accept. I would like to thank all who was supportive all way long, especially my Mom for her endless inspiration and timely believe-in-yourself treatments.

Currently I am busy with research in the Sleep field within the Center for Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The aspects I'm interested in are the molecular mechanisms of sleep/wake promotion and maintenance and what is happening to neuronal mitochondria, a powerhouse of the cell, in progressive increases of wakefulness (sleep deprivation). Sleep tight everybody, it's important!

PEIXOTO, Jose Mauro

Asset Manager
São Paulo, BRASIL

Master Class Repertoire
Chopin - Sonata No.3 in B minor, Op.58

José Mauro Silveira Peixoto, Brazilian, was born on september, 7, 1943. He lives now in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brasil: Rua Baronesa de Itu,676 ap 82 São Paulo SP CEP 01231-000 Brasil

José Mauro is a mechanical engineer, graduated in 1966 by Maua Institute of Technology. He completed a post graduated course in Business Administration at Getulio Vargas Foundation in 1970.

José worked as a judicial expert and mechanical engineer until 1970. Following his studies in Business Administration he has worked in the financial market to the present. Today he is an adviser and portfolio manager in the Brazilian stock market.

José Mauro is son of the pianist Odette de Faria and the journalist Silveira Peixoto and started to study piano with his mother when he was three years old. When he was five he made a studio recording. At nine he gave a recital for “Pro Arte” the most famous artistic society at the time in Sao Paulo. At eleven appeared twice on Television.

His mother did not favor his adopting music as a carreer and encourages him to study engineering, because of his facility for mathematics.

At the age of twelve he abandoned the piano for twenty eight years, and only played again when a friend on the ocasion of his fortieth brithday asked Jose Mauro to play, as a birthday gift, the Chopin's Polonaise (opus 53), which he loved and remembered hearing him play as a child.

The success encourages José to return to the piano. He looked for a teacher, and found Olga Normanha in Campinas, a friend of his mother's. For eight years he had weekly classes. At the same time, he refused invitations to work as director of two large financial institutions in Brazil, because he needed four hours daily to practise the piano.

In 1988 he gaved two recitals. In the following years he performed in public about once a year and in 1994 played the Rachmaninoff's Concerto nº 2 with the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra under Eleazar de Carvalho.

After this concert, and for two years Jose had classes with Beatriz Balzi, from the class of Joseph Kliass.

In 1997 he recorded a CD with works of Bach/Almeida Prado, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Schumann, Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninoff.

In January, 1999, he played in Paris, in the preliminary round of the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs organized by Gerard Bekerman.

In June, 1999, Jose played in Fort Worth, Texas, in the preliminary round of the First International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs. When returned to Brasil, Jose performed five times at English Culture of Sao Paulo, once at Musical Conservatory of Osasco, once in Curitiba, most of all playing a Chopin's Recital.

In June, 2000 Jose went again to Fort Worth to the Second International Piano Competition and in January, 2001 in Paris also for the Piano Competition.


Ohio, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Chopin - Ballade No.2 in F major, Op.38

Chamber Music Repertoire
Schumann - Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op.44 (Mov. I)

Vincent Phillips is currently a practicing anesthesiologist in Dayton,OH where he has been for eight years. He started his musical training with his mother and later attended the University of Cincinnati. After graduation, he moved to North Carolina where he eventually decided to pursue medicine. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then completed his residency at The Duke University Medical Center.

He has two daughters, Shauna and Mya, and a one-year-old granddaughter, Jordan.


Minnesota, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Mendelssohn - Variations in E flat major, Op.82

Chamber Music Repertoire
Paul Schoenfield - Cafe Music (Mov. I)

I was born and raised in New York City, attended the High School of Music and Art, and Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Later I received a masters in secondary education at the University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, and I have also received several teaching licenses. I have worked as a special education teacher in Saint Paul, Minnesota and am presently phasing myself out of teaching by teaching adults part time at the Ronald B. Hubbs Center.

I studied piano as a child for about 15 years, and then quit for 25 years or so to raise a family. I returned to piano about 15 years ago and most recently have been studying jazz as well as classical piano. I have been involved with two music groups where I have had some experience with chamber music. One group puts on a "musicale" every May where I have performed, with a flute and bass for the last six or seven years.


South Carolina, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Liszt - Etudes de Concert No.3 in D flat major, Un sospiro

Anne began to play the piano at age 4, beginning with the local church pianist in Englewood, TN, where she lived on her grandmother's nearby farm. She studied at the University Music Department in Cheyenne, Wyoming, then with Mrs. Lillian Rogers Gilbreath, Music Department of Agnes Scott College, from grammar school through High School. A consistent winner in local and regional piano competitions, she was selected as Young Artist in Atlanta, sharing the stage with the Atlanta Symphony. At the University of GA, she was a double major in Psychology and piano performance major studying with Hugh Hodgson, until her senior year, by which time she had married an Air Force test pilot and transferred to Texas Tech University, completing a BA in Psychology. After 2 children, she earned a MS and PhD in Psychology at the University of Mass, Amherst, Mass; then was awarded a Post-doctoral Fellowship at Fels Research Institute, in Yellow Springs, Ohio, completing 10 published research papers on cognitive development. Since then, she enjoyed a professional career and practice as a clinical neuropsychologist, in the UK, California. and now South Carolina. She was the program manager for Orange County's Mental Health Services; currently she has reduced her practice to occasional assessment and forensic consultation.

While living in London, she auditioned and was accepted for a year's master class given by Gwenneth Pryor through Morley College; the review panel included Murray Peraiha. Her classmates were primarily graduates of the Royal College of Music who were preparing for professional debuts. After her return to the USA, her interests were primarily in professional psychology, and the piano was a hobby. However, two years ago she decided to return to piano lessons, and began with Junko Ueno Garrett at Long Beach State University. She is now studying with Enrique Graf, Artist in Residence at the Charleston College of Music. Beaufort has offered a number of opportunities to grow and perform at an amateur/semi-professional level, in “Hausmusik” recitals, at a local piano group, as background music for tours and events, and recently as a member of the Beaufort Orchestra. She has also been playing duets, including the Poulenc Sonata, Ravel Mother Goose Suite, and a Rachmaninoff Romance for six hands. For Anne, playing with others “takes the edge off”, and is challenging in a different musical way. Her musical tastes emphasize Bach, Chopin, and 20 th Century music, but she is now re-discovering the pleasures of Mozart, Beethoven and Brubeck. She would like to give a special thank you to Mrs. Lillian Rogers Gilbreath.

THALMANN, Ruediger

Missouri, U.S.A.

Master Class Repertoire
Chopin - Ballade No.3 in A flat major, Op.47
DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: May 3, 1929, Paris, France.

EDUCATION: University of Vienna M.D. 1954

Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, Washington University, St. Louis, MO until 1993;
Professor Emeritus, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 1993-present;
Lecturer, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 1993-present.

MUSICAL EDUCATION AND ACTIVITIES: Started to play the piano and cello with private teachers at age 14: Hermann Frisch, Graz, Austria1947-1949; Viola Thern, Conservatory of Vienna, Austria 1950-1954;
Edwin Fischer, Master Classes 1948 and 1950; part time corepetitor for singers of the Vienna State Opera,including Maria Reining and Irmgard Seefried 1950-1953.

HOBBIES: Collecting fine art and rare books.


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