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Session I: May 26 – June 5
Session II: June 3 – 13

Our Mission

If you are an adult who studies piano as a hobby, wants to find a venue to improve your skills, and loves to have a chance to perform in public, the Amateurs Program is just right for you. Highly stimulating and fun, this program provides artistic and personal development by bringing out the best potential within each individual.


Program Description

Session I (Active Program: May 26-30, Competition: May 31-June 5)

The Institute would like to emphasize that this session is open for all Amateurs, competitors or non-competitors, who are interested in a short and intensive program. It is especially helpful for those who participate in the TM International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs (IPCOA) presented by the Van Cliburn Foundation. The program is scheduled for four days prior to the Competition. Participants will have ample time to practice, take lessons, play in master classes, gain confidence and experience in stage performances, and focus on preparing for the Competition. For added convenience, competitors may continue to stay in the dorm throughout the Competition if they wish, and have access to our 24-hour practicing facilities. The Competition will take place in the same building complex as the Program, which is only 1 minute’s walk from the dorm. All participants will have complimentary access to watch the entire IPCOA plus the Young Artists Concerto Competition.

For application and information on the TM International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs please visit

Master Classes and Private Lessons

All performing participants will have one performance in master class and receive two private lessons in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere. This Program is designed to accommodate all levels of piano playing. Performing from memory is not required.


ThalmanFor the benefit of gaining stage experience, the Institute highly encourages participants to perform in recitals. All recitals are open to public. Repertoire is entirely free choice and playing from memory is not required.



Session II: June 3-13

This session is a lengthier and more substantial program, encompassing chamber music as well as two artists recitals by Bernard Roberts and Jon Nakamatsu. It commences on June 3, enabling participants to attend the semifinal and final rounds of the IPCOA, with complimentary tickets.

Master Classes, Private Lessons, and Recitals

Amateurs Master ClassEach performer will have one performance in master class and receive three private lessons. Ample opportunities will be provided for stage performance, both on campus and in other public venues.



Chamber Music

For an additional fee, performers may add chamber music in their repertoire. A professional string quartet will be in residence to provide such experience. When submitting application form please indicate if you wish to participate in the chamber music and the piece you are going to play. Repertoire will comprise of all standard repertoire in various combinations such as sonatas, trios, quartets, and quintets. If you have an unusual or rarely performed piece, please contact us immediately to inquire about the possibility. There will be a full rehearsal prior to the concert.


The Institute warmly welcomes observers of all ages. This is a great opportunity to be surrounded by nonstop music, to attend master classes, concerts, and to join in all the social functions. In Session II, observers wishing to take private lessons may apply as “Active Observers”. Two private lessons will then be scheduled.


All Amateurs (performing or observers) are free to attend all other events, including Young Artists master classes and concerts within the duration of their enrollment. Please see the comprehensive calendar.

Practice Facilities

Scheduled practice time on grand pianos with approximately four hours per day is arranged for each performing participant. Other practice rooms with upright pianos are also available at all times. Observers are most welcome to use the practice facilities when not occupied by performing participants. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day.

Accommodations and Meals

All participants are encouraged to stay in the TCU dormitory, within walking distance from the music building. Costs of double room range from $20 to $28 per night, and single room from $30 to $38 per night. University cafeteria and other places to eat are all within easy walking distance.

Program Fees

Session I (including tickets to the complete ICPOA)

  • Performer - $600

  • Observer - $250

  • Session II (including tickets to the semifinal and final rounds of ICPOA)

  • Performer - $700

  • Active Observer - $450

  • General Observer - $300

  • Additional Chamber Music:
  • Sonata - $200

  • Trio - $250

  • Piano Quartet - $300

  • Piano Quintet - $350
  • Spouses and Family Members

    The Amateurs Program has special rates for spouses and immediate families of participants who wish to attend only a portion of the events and stay in the dorm. Variable fees can be negotiated depending on individual needs.

    Application Deadline

    Session I :
    Performers:  Monday, March 8, 2004, postmarked
    Observers: Monday, May 10, 2004, postmarked

    Session II :

    Performers:  Monday, March 29, 2004, postmarked
    Observers: Monday, May 10, 2004, postmarked

    Performers will be notified of their status within two weeks of their deadline.

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