Master Artists Recitals 2004 TCU/Cliburn Chinese Version 2004 TCU/Cliburn Japanese Version

Blanca Uribe and Harold Martina

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 8:00 pm
PepsiCo Recital Hall
Walsh Center for the Performing Arts, TCU

Duo Piano Program

Le Sacre du printemps ( The Rite of Spring)                                       Igor Stravinsky
               Adoration Of The Earth:                                                                                                (1882-1971)
                      1. Introduction
                      2. The Augurs Of Spring; Dances Of The Young Girls
                      3. Ritual Of Abduction
                      4. Spring Rounds
                      5. Ritual Of The Rival Tribes
                      6. Procession Of The Sage
                      7. The Sage
                      8. Dance Of The Earth
               The Sacrifice:
                      1. Introduction
                      2. Mystic Circles Of The Young Girls
                      3. Glorification Of The Chosen One
                      4. Evocation Of The Ancestors
                      5. Ritual Action Of The Ancestors
                      6. Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)


La Valse                                                                                               Maurice Ravel

Nocturnes:                                                                                         Claude Debussy
               1. Nuages                                                                                                                       (1862-1918)
               2. Fëtes

Danses Andalouses                                                                             Manuel Infante
               1. Ritmo                                                                                                                           (1883-1958)
               2. Sentimiento
               3. Gracia (El Vito)


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