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Our Mission

The Teachers Program offers unparalleled experience for piano teachers of all levels. Whether you are an active pianist striving to sharpen your performing skills or a devoted pedagogue wishing to attend as an observer, you will come away from this program fully inspired and energized.


Program Description

Performing Participants

All performing participants play in one master class, receive two private lessons, and perform in recitals. Repertoire is entirely free choice and playing from memory is not required. Extra private lessons may be possible through individual arrangement with the faculty member of your choice, at an additional cost.

Active Observers

For someone who does not wish to play in master class and public recitals, but would like to be active in practicing and learning, this category will suit your requirement. Program fee for Active Observers will also include one private lesson with Institute’s faculty. Additional lessons may be possible upon request, at an extra cost.

General Observers

Within the five days of activities, all Observers will have opportunities to attend a wide variety of events ranging from artist recitals to concerto concerts, from lectures to demonstration teaching classes, and from master classes to an informal musicale session.

Informal Musicale

Both Active and General Observers who love to exchange ideas and play for each other in a casual setting, the informal musicale session is perfect for you. It is not open to the public, and is intended for teachers who may feel too shy to perform in master classes and public recitals but would love to play for a small private group of peers or have discussions, just for fun.

Teaching Demonstration

There will be two Teaching Demonstration sessions. The first session will be for teachers interested in bringing their own students to play for Ms. Yoheved Kaplinsky in an open class situation. The other session will be for teachers wishing to demonstrate their teaching with their own students and be given suggestions and critiques by Ms. Ingrid Clarfield. Students of all levels will be considered. Please send their audition recording for the selection. Students accepted in these sessions are welcome to attend all other events of the Teachers Program at a special discount rate of $80. They are also eligible to stay in the dorm as registered participants.


John Owings, Yoheved Kaplinsky, and Ingrid Clarfield will present a wide variety of topics enhancing your pedagogy awareness and skill as a teacher. Specific topics and details will be on our website at www.tcu-cliburn.org as soon as they become available.


TeachersAll participants (performing or observers) are free to attend all other events, including Young Artists master classes and concerts within the duration of their enrollment. Please see the comprehensive calendar.

Practice Facilities

Scheduled practice time on grand pianos with approximately four hours per day is arranged for each performing participant. Other practice rooms with upright pianos are also available at all times. Observers are most welcome to use the practice facilities when not occupied by performing participants. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day.

Accommodations and Meals

All participants are encouraged to stay in the TCU dormitory, within walking distance from the music building. Costs of double room range from $20 to $28 per night, and single room from $30 to $38 per night. University cafeteria and other places to eat are all within easy walking distance.

Program Fees
Performers - $400
Active Observers - $230
General Observers - $150

Spouses and Family Members

The Teachers Program has special rates for spouses and immediate families of participants who wish to attend only a portion of the events, with the convenience of staying in the dorm. Variable fees can be negotiated depending on individual needs.

Application Deadline

Performers: Monday, April 19, 2004, postmarked
Observers: Monday, May 17, 2004, postmarked

Announcement of selected performers: Monday, May 3, 2004 (also posted on website)

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