Amateurs Program (June 22 – July 1)

Special Mini Session (May 24 - June 3) for Competitors of the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs

Amateur Master Classes with Jurors during the IPCOA

Regardless of your age, profession and background, as long as you are an amateur pianist who loves playing the piano, we warmly invite you to join us in this 11-day event. The Amateurs Program is designed for adult non-professional pianists who have aspiration to keep learning and to experience the art of performing. You are here to be a student again, to study with professional musicians and to share with other fellow amateurs. Depending on the different levels and objectives of each individual participant, the program can be either fun and entertaining, or highly intensive and demanding. For the past 10 years since the inception of this program, participants who, at the beginning, were unsure of themselves have now expressed their gratitude for being totally inspired and encouraged. They return repeatedly to our program with growing confidence and fresh repertoire, not to mention the remarkable progress they demonstrate year after year. The camaraderie with other amateurs also creates a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful experience.

Master Classes and Private Lessons

Every performer plays in one master class and receives three private lessons, each with a different artist/teacher. Playing from memory is not mandatory. The director is responsible for allocating the master classes and private lessons with the artist/teachers, and his decision is final. All participants are free to attend all other events, including the Young Artists master classes, recitals and concerto concert, and the Distinguished Artist Series listed on the events calendar within the duration of their enrollment.

Chamber Music

Participants interested in performing chamber music may take this opportunity to work and perform with members of the Calder String Quartet. Additional cost will apply (see below under Program Fee). Repertoire: ONE movement of any standard chamber music piece with strings. Two movements are acceptable if total duration does not exceed 18 minutes. Rehearsals and coaching sessions are scheduled with members of the string quartet.


All performing participants are encouraged to sign up for recitals. These concerts are open to the public. Repertoire is entirely free choice, and playing from memory is not mandatory.

Special Mini Session (May 24 – June 3) for Competitors of the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs

This mini session is especially catered for competitors of International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, presented by the Van Cliburn Foundation. Taking place right before the commencement of the competition, amateur competitors are offered two chances to play in master classes, one private lesson and in recitals. It is designed to fine tune the competition pieces and to allow participants to have continuous experience of stage performing, thus building up their confidence. It is particularly helpful that each participant has one chance of playing in master class and one chance of playing in recital on the stage of Ed Landreth Auditorium, the actual venue in which the Amateurs Competition will take place. In addition to the practice rooms organized by the Cliburn Foundation, participants in this session have exclusive access to TCU’s practice rooms with grand pianos throughout the entire competition. Every participant is assigned a minimum of four hours of practice time daily.

Active Observers

Active Observers may attend all events listed on the calendar plus they receive two private lessons, each with a different artist/teacher. Upon the recommendation of the artist/teachers, they may be selected to perform in one recital. Applicants not chosen as performers are highly encouraged to attend as Active Observers.

General Observers

Anyone interested in the program is most welcome to apply. During the program, General Observers are welcome to approach any artist/teacher of their choice for private lessons at additional cost.

Practice Facilities

Practice rooms with grand pianos are assigned to performing Amateurs for a minimum of four hours per day. Active Observers also have access to these practice rooms. Other practice rooms with upright pianos are also available to everyone, including General Observers, on a first-come-first-served basis. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day.


The TCU dormitory, conveniently located right next to the music building, offers spacious bedrooms with semi-private baths, comfortable lounges, large common kitchens and laundry facilities. All bedrooms are provided with linen and towels, and equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave oven, and phone jacks. The University cafeteria and other places to eat are all within easy walking distance. Cost of single room is $43 per night, and double room is $32 per person per night. For more details on the dorm facilities please visit TCU Residential Services.

Program Fees

Special Mini Session (May 23 - 27) - $650

Full Session (June 22 - July 1)

Performers - $850

Active Observers - $450

General Observers - $250

Additional Chamber Music Fees:

Sonata - $200

Trio - $250

Quartet - $300

Quintet - $350

Application Deadlines

                April 2 , 2007 postmarked (U.S.A. and other countries)

Active Observers
               April 24, 2007, postmarked (U.S.A. and other countries)

General Observers
               May 14, 2007 postmarked (U.S.A. and other countries)

Application Procedures