Young Artists Program (June 5 - 29)

Performers: (Pianists born on or after July 1, 1979)

1. Completed application form and a nonrefundable $75 application fee.

2. Recent recordings of a minimum of three works, solo and/or concerto, representing different styles. There is no time limit. Portions of works may be used (for example, one movement of a sonata). A chamber music, with or without ensemble, must be included if you wish to participate in the chamber music master class. 
- the most preferred form of recording is DVD, otherwise BOTH videotape and CD should be sent. In 2008 we are requesting that you send three (3) copies of your audition performance. The repertoire on both recordings may be the same or different. If it is not possible to make both video and audio recording it is acceptable to submit only one, provided that an explanation letter is included. Acceptance as a performer also depends heavily on the quality of the recordings, therefore DVDs and CDs are preferred over videotapes and cassettes. Both American NTSC and European PAL systems are acceptable. Please do not send original copies. PianoTexas is not responsible for returning any of the recordings.

3. Letter of recommendation from current teacher and/or another distinguished musician.

4. List of repertoire in the order of preference for the solo master classes. You may list as many works as you wish, but a minimum of four is required. Do not list any pieces that will not be ready for performance from memory.

5. Choice of complete concerto - select from Concerto Repertoire.

6. Optional - choice of chamber music (you may list more than one, in the order of preference).

7. Biography, including achievements, names of teachers, and hobbies.

Active and General Observers:

1. Completed application form and a nonrefundable $40 application fee.

2. List of repertoire you have been studying during the last two years (for Active Observers only).

Application Deadlines:

          March 10, 2008 postmarked ( U.S.A. and Canada )
          March 3, 2008 postmarked (overseas)

   Active Observers:
          April 28, 2008 postmarked (both U.S.A. and other countries)

    General Observers:
              May 19, 2008 postmarked (both U.S.A. and other countries)

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