2009 Teachers & Amateurs


Performers (May 17 - 28)

Observers Program I (May 17 -28)

Observers Program II (May 28 - June 7)

Application Deadline for all Programs:

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2009 (postmarked)
All application and supporting materials must be sent with a courier service (FED EX or DHL) by the deadline date. Late applications will not be considered.


In 2009, PianoTexas will present a program that brings together the Teachers and Amateurs. Regardless of background or level of skills, both groups have a common interest in their aspiration to continue learning and experiencing the art of performing.


The Teachers portion of this program offers an unparalleled experience for piano teachers of all levels. Whether you are an active pianist striving to sharpen your performing skills or a devoted pedagogue wishing to attend as an observer, you will come away from this program fully inspired and energized.


For the Amateurs who love playing the piano, we extend a warm invitation to join us and study with professional musicians, and to witness great performances in the Van Cliburn Competition. Regardless of your level and objective, this program can be fun and entertaining, while at the same time highly intensive and demanding. The camaraderie between teachers and amateurs also creates a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful collective energy.

Program Description


The Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

For the performers, the Teachers & Amateurs Programs are specifically structured around this high-profile competition in which 30 to 36 of the world's most promising young pianists will each present a fifty-minute recital in the preliminary rounds. The Teachers & Amateurs programs are designed to allow all participants, including observers, to attend the entire preliminary round.

In collaboration with PianoTexas, the Van Cliburn Competition has reserved a limited number of tickets in the Mezzanine Section for participants of PianoTexas. Tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis. To ensure seats are available, it is imperative that you order your tickets EARLY. If you wish to purchase any section other than Mezzanine you may do so independently of PianoTexas.

Participants for this program are advised that ordering for the Preliminary (May 22 – 28) and the Semifinals and Final Rounds (May 28 – June 7) separately will be only available after January 2009.


After completing the application form for PianoTexas you may proceed to purchase tickets on the Cliburn Ticket website where you will be asked to complete an order form. In order to receive preferential seating in the Mezzanine sections, remember to write “Piano Texas” in the Comment Box at the bottom of the order form.


Performing applicants for the Teachers & Amateur Program who are not selected as performers will be offered to come as observers, thus maintaining their purchased tickets. However, if they select not to attend they will receive the refund for their tickets.


Please note that in order to benefit from both the Cliburn Competition and PianoTexas, we advise that applications to both programs be made at the same time.


Performing Participants

All performing participants will play in one Master Class, receive two private lessons, and perform in a recital. Repertoire is entirely free choice and playing from memory is not required.




PianoTexas warmly welcomes observers of all ages. This is a great opportunity to witness the teachings of many different artists of international standing, to watch the Cliburn Competition, and to attend various lectures and symposia.



Lectures utilize topics of interest from styles to technique. These lectures are educational and informative for all. They also enhance the awareness of pedagogical subjects and improve skills of teachers.

Practice Facilities

Since the program includes attending the Van Cliburn Competition, time for practicing will be limited. Scheduled practice time on grand pianos for performing participants will be allocated. Observers are most welcome to use the practice rooms with upright pianos. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day.


Accommodations and Transportation

The TCU dormitory, King Hall, is conveniently located in the newly constructed campus commons area, and is a short walk from the music building. Bedrooms are suite-style with shared living/lounge areas and are furnished with a full-sized bed, semi-private bathrooms, and a refrigerator and microwave oven in the living area. There are large comfortable lounges and laundry facilities on site. The cost of a single room is $45 per night and does not include linen service. Participants should be prepared to bring their own sheets, pillowcases, and towels. TCU can provide a pillow and blanket for an additional charge. There are several restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance, along with a limited number of on-campus dining options. Wireless internet access is available, but must be requested prior to arrival. Participants are responsible for bringing their own laptops/computers and other computer equipment to access the internet. The Cliburn Competition takes place in the Bass Performance Hall which is located 4.2 miles from the TCU campus. PianoTexas will provide complimentary bus service to and from all phases of the Competition.



Program Fees

Performers - $450

Observers Program I (May 17 - 28) $250

Observers Program II (May28 - June 7) $250


Application Deadline for all Programs:

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2009 (postmarked)
All application and supporting materials must be sent with a courier service (FED EX or DHL) by the deadline date. Late applications will not be considered.