2010 Teachers Presentations/Forum



Barbara Lister-Sink

Freeing the Caged (Musical) Bird!

Practical Steps for Teaching

Healthful, Musically Enhancing Technique


Through hands-on guidance and exercises, globally renowned pianist and pedagogical pioneer pianist Barbara Lister-Sink will offer a fresh look into the heart of healthful piano technique. She will define how the body is designed to work best with the instrument, and will offer teachers practical tools for teaching the sensations of freedom.

She will also demonstrate the relationship between good coordination at the keyboard and enhanced tone and musicianship.The substance of her sessions will be drawn from her internationally acclaimed DVD, Freeing the Caged Bird – Developing Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Piano Technique , winner of the 2002 MTNA-Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award and pronounced by pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy as “a monumental work!”


Barbara Lister-Sink Biography




General Observers (June 22-24) - $200

MTNA Members only $150 for the workshop

+ $45 application fee

Students in Pedagogy undergraduate or graduate programs:

$80.00 plus application fee $45.00

access "APPLICATION" for enrollment


Tuesday, June 22, 5:00 – 6:30 Orientation – Getting acquainted

Why are we here? What will we accomplish?

Barbara Lister-Sink and participating teachers will share their own personal histories as pianists and teachers, as well as their perspectives on teaching technique. Barbara will help teachers define 21 st century technique as the best use of the whole body with the piano and explain how it can benefit students' health, attitude and musicianship.


Wednesday, June 23, 2:00 – 5:00 Session I

Developing the Sensations of Healthful Technique

• Introduction to Basic Principles of Healthful, “Whole-Body” Technique

• Frequent Causes of Playing-Related Injury

• General Exercises for Promoting Kinesthetic Awareness, Muscle Control & Skeletal Alignment of the Whole Body



Thursday, June 24, 10:00 – 12:00 Session II

Teaching Healthful Technique to All Levels

• Step-by-Step Exercises Specific to Piano Playing

• Good Coordination in Scales, Arpeggios and Etudes

• How Not to Accumulate Tension in Fast Passages?



Thursday, June 24 2:00 – 4:00

Reaping the Musical Benefits of Healthful Technique

• Applying Good Coordination to All Levels of Repertory

• The Relationship of Technique to Tone Production

• Musical Results (Phrasing, Tonal Control, Rhythm, Dynamics, Articulation)

• Healthful Technique and the Joy of Music-Making for a Lifetime