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Amateurs Programs (June 1 – 14)


Mini-Session – in collaboration with the Van Cliburn International

Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs (May 18 – 29)


Main Session (June 1 – 14)


Join us for our 30th Anniversary and celebrate with the piano music of



2011 Guest Artists:

Malcolm Bilson

José Feghali

John Lill

Yoheved Kaplinsky

Harold Martina

John O'Conor

John Owings

Igor Resnianski

Antti Siirala

Geoffrey Simon

Nelita True

Tamás Ungár

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra



AmateursThe Festival: The complete 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas will be presented in eight recitals by our guest artists Paul Badura-Skoda, Malcom Bilson, Adam Golka, John Lill, John O’Conor, John Owings, Antti Siirala, and Christopher Taylor.


The Academy: Not only are we celebrating the 30th Anniversary of PianoTexas, but also the 15th Anniversary of the Amateurs Program. We hope to welcome back the alumni who have supported and benefited from this extraordinary program. A Special Event for Amateurs Program Alumni is currently scheduled for Sunday, June 12 and we extend a warm invitation to join us for a special concert and reception.


Regardless of age, profession and background, as long as you are an amateur pianist who enjoys music and loves playing the piano, our program is just for you. The Amateurs Program is designed for adult, non-professional pianists who have an aspiration to keep learning and to experience the art of performing. Depending on the different levels and objectives of each individual participant, the program can be either fun and entertaining or highly intensive and demanding. Since the inception of the Amateurs Program in 1996, participants return repeatedly with growing confidence and fresh repertoire. The camaraderie with other amateurs also creates a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful experience. Participants have the choice of attending as a Performer, General Observer or Active Observer. Those who are admitted in the Performer Program must attend the entire duration of the Amateurs Program (June 1 – 14). Those who would like to attend a portion of the program may enroll as either General or Active Observers. So join us - become a student again - and be inspired and share your love of music with fellow piano enthusiasts.


Performers for the Main Session:
All piano works of Beethoven will be greatly encouraged in both master classes and in private lessons, while lectures and discussions will also focus on Beethoven. Performers play in one master class and receive three private lessons, each with a different artist/teacher. They also perform in recitals open to the public. Playing from memory is optional and the repertoire is entirely free choice. Pieces presented in each event could be the same or different. The Executive Director is responsible for allocating the master classes and private lessons with the artist/teachers and his decision is final. During the duration of the Amateurs Program, all participants have free access all other events listed in the Festival’s general schedule. Admission to the Performers Program is based on submission of an audition recording.


Concerto with the Fort Worth Symphony orchestra – Tuesday, June 14

Geoffrey Simon, conductor

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, we invite Amateurs to perform with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra the host orchestra to the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. This is truly a unique occasion for any amateur pianist. PianoTexas provides this extraordinary opportunity to selected participants who would like to take up the challenge of performing a concerto movement (maximum of 20 minutes) with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. A concerto competition, with a second piano will be held on Saturday, June 4. Those selected will receive an extra master class, a special session with the conductor, and one full rehearsal with the FWSO prior to the performance.


For repertoire selection please refer to Concerto Repertoire. This year, the concerto concert will be combined with performers from the Teachers Program and we anticipate the selection of three amateurs and three teachers for the concert.


AmateursMaster Classes:

Traditionally Master Classes have been very popular with amateurs as it is the best way to communicate ideas that are commonly beneficial to all. Amateurs in the Performers Program receive one master class during their program. In order to allow greater variety and flexibility in balancing the repertoire, please provide a minimum of two works (concertos may be included) when completing the application. The Executive Director is responsible for the allocation of master classes and the repertoire and his decisions are final. Participants who would like to play for certain guest artists may make their requests in writing, however, while these will be considered they cannot be guaranteed. We request that once the repertoire for a Master Class is confirmed that it should not be changed.


Private Lessons:

In addition to the Master Class, each Amateur in the Performers Program will receive three 50-minute private lessons. The repertoire presented in private lessons is the individual’s choice. Participants may repeat the same piece played in the Master Class. Private Lessons are also the perfect time to discuss personal musical and technical matters in greater details. Additional private lessons may be possible at extra cost and should be arranged directly with the guest artist/teacher. The Executive Director is responsible for the allocation of all private lessons and his decisions are final.



PianoTexas Festival presents numerous opportunities to give everyone the chance to perform. Recitals are organized not only on the TCU campus (PepsiCo Recital Hall) but also in churches, museums and private homes around the community. The repertoire is entirely free choice and playing from memory is optional. All recitals are open to the public.


Teachers Program Featured Guest Artist:

Participants in the Amateurs Program are cordially invited to attend presentations and lectures of the Teachers Program featured guest artist, the distinguished Nelita True. Other special lectures on Beethoven will be presented by Malcolm Bilson, while other guest artists, including John Lill and Yoheved Kaplinsky, will also give informal discussions and share their perspective on Beethoven. These sessions have proven to be one of the most beneficial and popular events. At the end of each presentation there will be a question-and-answer session, as well as, opportunities to meet our guest artists in social settings.


Active Observers:

Active Observers receive two private lessons and may attend all events listed on the schedule. Upon the recommendation of the artist/teacher, they may be selected to perform in one recital. This is a perfect way to get your “feet wet!” For all of us the first steps are very difficult, so we encourage you to initiate your future piano studies by preparing and participating as an Active Observer.


General Observers:

This Program is suitable for those who just started piano again after many years of absence and for those who find satisfaction in just learning without the pressures of performance. You will meet many amateurs and they will encourage and support you. During the program, General Observers are welcome to approach any artist/teacher of their choice for private lessons at an additional cost. This program is also suitable for music lovers of all ages and background as they may attend any or all portions of the Festival during the Amateurs Program.


Practice Facilities:

Practice rooms with grand pianos are assigned to each participant enrolled in the Performer Program. Active Observers may also have access to some of these practice rooms. Specific practice schedules will be provided upon arrival. Upright pianos are also available to everyone, including observers, on a first-come-first-served basis. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Rockley Family Foundation for the provision of pianos during the 2011 PianoTexas International Academy & Festival.



PianoTexas will utilize Waits Hall, a TCU dormitory that is conveniently located right next to the music buildings. Waits Hall is newly renovated and offers spacious bedrooms with semi-private baths, comfortable lounge areas, a large common kitchen and on-site laundry facilities. Each room is equipped with its own mini-refrigerator and small microwave. NEW!: The rate for a single room is $65 per night and includes linens and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the on-campus University Union. Those participants that would rather prepare their own meals or eat off-campus will pay a rate of $55 per night and includes linens. There are several restaurants and a large grocery store within walking distance. A limited number of double rate rooms are available only to married couples and those participants staying with a family member (parent, legal guardian or sibling.) Wireless internet access is available, but must be requested prior to arrival. Participants are responsible for bringing their own laptops/computers and other computer equipment to access the internet. Important: All Young Artist participants under the age of 18 (as of 05/15/2011) must attend PianoTexas with a parent or legal guardian.



There are several fast food places, diner type restaurants, and a large supermarket within walking distance, along with a few on-campus dining options located in the newly constructed University Union.


Program Fees:


  • $950 - includes concerto competition, 2 rehearsals with second piano, 1 master class, 3 private lessons, chance to perform in 3 recitals
    Additional $500 if selected to perform with Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra – includes one master class, rehearsals with second piano and conductor.
  • Active Observers - $550 - includes 2 private lesson
  • General Observers - $300

Application Deadlines:

  • Performers - March 1, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)
  • Active Observers - April 25, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)
  • General Observers - April 25, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)

Performers: Session in collaboration with the Cliburn Amateurs Competition:

  • $850 – includes 2 master classes, 1 private lesson, chance to perform in recitals and practicing facility during the Competition.
  • Active Observers - $450includes 2 private lessons
  • General Observers - $250

Application Deadlines for Main Session:

  • Performers: March 1, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)   
  • Active Observers: April 25, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)   
  • General Observers: April 25, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)  

Application Deadlines for Session collaborating with the Cliburn Competition:

  • Performers: April 15, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)
  • Active Observers: April 25, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)
  • General Observers: April 25, 2011 online and/or postmarked (worldwide)




Mini-Session for IPCOA (May 18 – 29)




Tuition & Housing






Master Classes


Concerto Competition



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Hailed as one of the top summer piano festivals in the world, PianoTexas has been enriching the lives of Fort Worth residents and visitors for over 30 years.


Special Notes from Tamás Ungár


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