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Young Artists Program Application (June 2 – June 28)


Performers: (Pianists born on or after July 1, 1982)


Application Deadlines:

  • Performers: March 1, 2011 – online and/or postmarked (worldwide)
  • Active Observers: April 25, 2011 – online and/or postmarked (worldwide)
  • General Observers: April 25, 2011 – online and/or postmarked (worldwide)


  1. Complete application form (online or download and send by mail)
  2. Pay a nonrefundable $80 application fee (online or send by mail)
  3. A high-quality recording of a minimum of two works, solo and/or concerto, representing different styles.
    New in 2011:
    PianoTexas is focusing on the Piano Sonatas and Concerti of Beethoven, therefore one of these works must be from the 32 Sonatas or the Five Concerti. There is no time limit for your recording and portions of works may be used (for example, one movement of a sonata or concerto).
    IMPORTANT – please note the following regarding your recording:
    1. Acceptance as a performer very much depends on the quality of your recording.
    2. The most preferred form of recording is DVD - videotapes or cassettes are NOT ACCEPTED!
    3. A CD recording will only be accepted with a written request. You must clearly state the reasons for your request.
    4. Send THREE (3) identical copies of your audition recording.
    5. The recording must be recorded within the last 18 months.
    6. One of the works must be a work by Beethoven (complete or just one movement.)
    7. Each disc must be packaged in its own jewel case or sleeve.
    8. Both American NTSC and European PAL systems are acceptable.
    9. Please do not send original copies. PianoTexas is not responsible for returning any recordings.
  4. Provide name and contact information (email) of your current teacher and/or another distinguished musician. PianoTexas will request a recommendation for your participation.
  5. Repertoire:
    1. List of repertoire in the order of preference for the solo master classes.
    2. You must list a minimum of four works that you will be ready to perform from memory in June, 2011.
    3. PianoTexas 2011 is focusing on the Piano Sonatas of Beethoven, so include at least one complete sonata from the 32.
    4. List all the Beethoven Sonatas you have studies in the past five (5) years.
  6. Choice of complete concerto - select from the five Beethoven Piano Concerti including the Triple Concerto.
  7. Chamber Music (optional) – PianoTexas will be focusing on the Piano Trios of Beethoven. Provide the trio of your choice for the Chamber Music program.
  8. Provide a high resolution, electronic publicity photo - jpg, eps, tiff or psd (at a resolution of
    at least 300 dpi.)
  9. One page biography, including achievements, names of teachers, and hobbies. Your words 
    will be published on our website so it should be presented in a clear, understandable format.

Active and General Observers:

  1. Complete application form (online or download and send by mail)
  2. Pay a nonrefundable $45 application fee (online or send by mail)
  3. For those applying as Active Observers, please include a general repertoire list you have been studying during the past two years.








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