Teachers/Amateurs Combined Program
(June 11-21)

Master Class 
Each performing participant will play in one master class. As 2015 PianoTexas is the year of Chopin, we welcome participants to take advantage of this theme and present a Chopin piece in the master class. Playing from memory is not required. Both solo and concerto repertoire are accepted. In the case of concerto, an accompanist will be provided.

Private Lesson  
Each performer and active observer will receive two private lessons, each with a different artist/teacher. Repertoire is entirely free choice. And again playing from memory is not required.

Concerto with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra 
Performers may participate in the concerto competition if they wish to have a chance to perform with an orchestra. Each competitor is limited to play either one or two movements of a concerto provided that the total duration does not exceed 18 minutes. Rehearsals with a second piano will be scheduled, and a total of six winners will be selected to perform with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. 

Repertoire must be chosen from the list below.

Concerto Repertoire List  
Bach: All Concertos 
Haydn: Concerto in D major 
Mozart: All Concertos 
Beethoven: All Concertos 
Mendelssohn: Concertos Nos.1 and 2
Chopin: Concertos Nos.1 and 2
Schumann: Concerto in A minor
Grieg: Concerto in A minor
Liszt: Concertos Nos.1 and 2
Saint-Saëns: Concertos Nos.2 and 4
Tchaikovsky: Concerto No.1
Brahms: Concertos No.1
Rachmaninoff: Concertos Nos.2 and 3
Prokofiev: Concertos No.2 and 3

A performers are encouraged to participate in arranged recitals. Some of these recitals will also be organized outside the campus e.g. museums, retirement homes and churches. Active Observers will also have a chance to appear in recitals upon the recommendation of artist/teacher with whom they have lessons. The Executive Director is responsible for all programming. He will select both the performers and repertoire, and his decision is final. 

Music for Two Pianos or one piano Four-Hand for Teachers/Amateurs
Participants who wish to participate should contact each other after they are invited to participate. Repertoire should be cleared with the Executive Director who will then schedule lesson with one of the faculty. Upon the recommendation the work will be included in the recital programs.

Conversations with Artists 
One of PianoTexas' most popular events is the "Conversations with Artists". In the format of informal interview, these sessions provide excellent opportunity for participants and the artists to have interactive dialogues. All participants are encouraged to attend.  

Practice Facilities
PianoTexas has been extremely fortunate to collaborate with the Collora Piano as the provider of pianos for the concert halls and practice rooms. Continuing this collaboration will allow each participant access to a grand piano with a schedule for no less than five hours of practice time per day. Active Observers will also have access to practice rooms. Specific practice schedule will be provided upon arrival. TCU practice rooms are available 24 a day. 

Accommodation and Meal 
Waits Hall dormitory is conveniently located right next to the music building. It is fully air-conditioned, with comfortable lounges, large common kitchens, laundry rooms, and spacious bedrooms. Although many include a shared on suite bathroom, most occupants will share conveniently located communal bathrooms. All bedrooms are equipped with linens and towels, a small refrigerator and a microwave. University cafeteria and other food places are all within easy walking distance. Accompanying parents or guardians must themselves apply as general observers to be eligible to stay in the dormitory. 

Application Fee:
Performers: $80
Active or General Observers: $50

Program Fees 
Performers - $750 (one master class, two lessons, recital performances, and concerto competition)
Active Observers A- $550 (two lessons, one recital performance*, and concerto competition)
Active Observers B- $450 (two lessons and one recital performance*)
General Observers - $250 (admission to all events)
Additional fee for collaborative piano - $100 per participant
Additional fee if selected for the concert with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra - $400

*Active Observers wishing to perform in a recital must have a recommendation from a Guest Artist.

Teacher Participants: Please consult your tax adviser as your participation in the Teachers Program of PianoTexas may qualify for an income tax deduction in accordance with Federal and/or State income tax laws.

Accomodation Fees
Single room with meals $775.50
Single room without meals $715
Double room with meals $676.50 pp
Double room without meals $605 pp

Application Procedure 
Please go to Apply page.

Application Deadline 
Performers: Monday, March 2, 2015 – online and postmarked (worldwide) 
Active and General Observers:  Monday, April 20, 2015 – online and postmarked (worldwide)
All tuition and accommodation fees must be paid by Tuesday, May 4, 2015

IMPORTANT: Use Federal Express (FedEX.) or DLH or 
United State Post Office Priority Mail for sending all materials
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Tel: 817-257-7456