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PianoTexas has two divisions one of which is the Academy which exclusively deals with educational aspects of classical music.
The Young Artists Program is designed for gifted young pianists up to age 28 to experience the art of performing in a professional environment. Following a stringent screening procedure, the selected young artists are admitted into the program with full scholarships. PianoTexas’ long-standing collaboration with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra allows the young artists to perform complete concertos in public concerts. Chamber music, introduced in 2004, and numerous opportunities for solo recitals provides these talented performers with a unique variety of opportunities to further develop their skills.
Established in 1991, the Teachers Program has evolved into a significant festival for teachers providing opportunities to perform in master classes, individual lessons and recitals. In 2007 we also introduced the opportunity for teachers to perform with an orchestra and now this is alternating with chamber music experiences.  Abundance of lecture demonstrations and presentations allow teachers to share and to delve into a large variety of music topics.
Initiated in 1996, this Amateurs Program is designed for non-professional pianists, who maintain a passionate love of music while pursuing their livelihoods in other areas. The unique aspect of this program is the opportunity it provides for amateurs to perform with a professional orchestra—the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and in alternating years to enjoy the joys of chamber music.

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PianoTexas gratefully acknowledges those whose generosity make PianoTexas possible. Your gift will now will help shape the many programs made available to pianist from all over the world.

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