Teachers Program
(June 16 - 26)

Our celebration of Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann

Established in 1991 the PianoTexas’ Teachers Program was a response to the needs of teachers who wish to keep up and improve their musicianship and technique. The program caters for a wide range of levels – for the university faculty members preparing for recitals as well as the private teachers who, after a busy teaching schedule, still feel the need to return to practicing and performing. But we all realize that an enthusiasm to learn continuously with hands-on skills makes our teaching more focused, creative, and ultimately inspiring.PianoTexas program is still considered as one of its kinds - a unique blend of special attention to teachers who wish to advance their skills combined with interactions with guest artists through performances and discussions.
Participants are highly encouraged to perform in the Teachers Recitals presented by the PianoTexas Festival. These performances in the PepsiCo Recital Hall, sponsored by different piano companies are open to the public and are streamed over the Internet. The repertoire is entirely free choice and playing from memory is not required. In order to cater to all participants’ who wish to perform, we will limit 12 minutes for each performer. Creating a real festival atmosphere for our community, PianoTexas also arranges recitals in museums, churches and retirement homes. The Executive Director is responsible for all programming. He will select both performers and repertoire, and his decision is final. 
Chamber Music: 
In 2015 PianoTexas will present a wonderful opportunity to rehearse and perform with professional string ensemble. The members of the Adkins Quartet are superb musicians and are dedicated to the art of chamber music.
Participation in the Chamber Music program is optional. A list of works is provided below and each performer is allowed 18 minutes. Thus selection of one movement or a combination of movements is allowed. To be considered for the program the piano part of your selected work should be recorded and uploaded together with your application. The Executive Director, together with the chamber music coordinator, will be responsible for the selection of the participants and repertoire and their decision is final. Teachers who are selected will perform on a special recital on Monday, June 20 in PepsiCo Recital Hall.
Chamber Music Repertoire List
 All Piano Trios
 All Violin Sonatas and all Piano Trios
 All Violin Sonatas, all Cello sonatas and all Piano Trios
 All Violin Sonatas, all Cello sonatas, and all Piano Trios
 Violin Sonata No.1 in A minor, Op.105
Master Classes: 
Traditionally, master classes are very popular in the Teachers Program as it is the best way to communicate ideas that are beneficial to all. Each performing teacher will perform in one master class. In order to allow greater variety and flexibility in balancing the repertoire, we request all participants to provide a minimum of two pieces (concertos may be included) with their application. As 2016 PianoTexas is the year of Brahms and Schumann, we hope that some participants will bring some of the works representing these great composers. Playing from memory is optional.  Pieces played in private lesson or recital may be the same as in master class or they may be different. The Executive Director is responsible for the allocation of master classes and the repertoire, and his decisions are final.
Private Lessons: 
In addition to the master class, each performing teacher will receive two private lessons, each 50 minutes. The repertoire for private lessons is free choice. These lessons are also the perfect time to discuss personal musical and technical matters in greater details. The Executive Director is responsible for the allocation of all private lessons, and his decisions are final. Additional private lessons may be possible at extra cost and depending on the availability of the guest artists. These should be discussed and arranged directly between the participants and the guest artists.
Active Observers: 
Understandably, there are teachers who do not perform frequently, who would love to advance their skills, but somewhat anxious by the idea of performing in public. We welcome you as Active Observers; you will receive two 50-minute private lessons. Playing from memory is optional and the repertoire is entirely free choice. Pieces presented in both lessons may be the same or different. The Executive Director is responsible for allocating the private lessons, and his decision is final.
General Observers: 
This status is not restricted to piano teachers alone. All music lovers are invited to apply as General Observers. General Observers have access to all events listed on the schedule within the duration of the program. They may also approach any guest artist of their choice for private lessons at an additional cost. These should be discussed and arranged directly between them and the guest artist.
Practice Facilities
PianoTexas has been extremely fortunate to collaborate with the major piano companies to provide excellent instruments for our concert halls and practice rooms. This collaboration allows each participant access to a grand piano with a schedule for no less than three hours of practice time per day. Active Observers will also have access to practice rooms. Specific practice schedule will be provided upon arrival. TCU practice rooms are available 24 a day. 
Accommodation and Meals 
Waits Hall dormitory is conveniently located right next to the music building. It is fully air-conditioned, with comfortable lounges, large common kitchens, laundry rooms, and spacious bedrooms. Although many include a shared
en-suite bathroom, many occupants will share conveniently located communal bathrooms. All bedrooms are equipped with linens and towels, a small refrigerator and a microwave. An additional meal card is optional for the University Cafeteria; however other food places are all within easy walking distance.
Program Fee 
Performers - $750 (addition $100 if selected to perform on the Chamber Music Program)
Active Observers - $450
General Observers - $250
Accommodation Fees
Single Room with Meals $775.50
Double Room with Meals $676.50 (per person)
Application Deadline
Performers: Monday, March 7, 2016 
Active and General Observers:  Monday, April 25, 2016 
All tuition and accommodation fees must be paid by Monday, May 9, 2016
Application Procedure 
Please use links to Application page.
Application to PianoTexas is through the online services of “Acceptd”.
The form and require supporting material must be completed on line.
For any application problems please use their “green help” link button
For additional information regarding the program contact PianoTexas:
Phone: 817-257-7456
Dr. Tamás Ungár, Executive Director
Dr. José Pablo Quesada, Director of Operations
PianoTexas Piano Academy &Festival
c/- School of Music, TCU
TCU Box 297456
Fort Worth, Texas 76129, USA

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