Teachers & Amateurs Program

Session I: May 31 - June 17
Session II: June 6 – 17
Session III: June 11 -17

In 2017, PianoTexas International Academy & Festival will again combine the Teachers and Amateurs into one program that has proven to be very successful. Regardless of background or level of skills, both groups have a common interest in their aspiration to continue learning and experiencing the art of performing.
For the teachers this program offers an unparalleled experience for all levels. Whether you are an active pianist striving to sharpen your performing skills or a devoted pedagogue wishing gain more knowledge and insights, you will come away from this program fully inspired and energized.
For the Amateurs who love playing the piano, this is the perfect program to study with professional musicians, and to witness outstanding talents in the Van Cliburn Competition. Regardless of your level and objective, this program can be fun and entertaining, while at the same time highly intensive and demanding. The camaraderie between teachers and amateurs also creates a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful collective energy.
Guest Artists
Harold Martina | John Owings | Robert Roux | Igor Resnianski | Erik Tawaststjerna | Tamás Ungár
Program Description
Session I: May 31 - June 17
Commences from the semifinal round through the final round of the Cliburn Competition plus one additional week
Session II: June 6 – 17
Commences from the final round of the Cliburn Competition plus one additional week
Session III: June 11-17
Commences after the Cliburn Competition
A total of 24 will be accepted as performing participants through a screening process.
A performing participant will play in one master class, receive two private lessons, and perform in recitals. Repertoire is entirely free choice and playing from memory is not required. All master classes are open to the public and are streamed.
Active and General Observers
A limited number of active observers will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. An active observer will receive two private lessons and may perform in recital upon the recommendation by the private lesson faculty teacher. General Observers are the listeners/audience. By enrolling as General Observers they can stay in the dormitory and to use our bus service between TCU and the Bass Hall.
PianoTexas endeavors to provide a positive atmosphere for all participants who wish to perform. All recitals at TCU will be streamed. Active observers will also have such opportunity upon recommendation by their private lesson teachers.
Practice Facilities
There are sufficient practice rooms with grand pianos and upright pianos for everyone. Performers will have priority to grand pianos. Scheduled practice time will be arranged for both Performers and Active Observers. General Observers are also welcome to use any practice rooms when not occupied. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day.
Symposia and Seminars
These sessions provide valuable information and insights into the classical music industry and its future. Topics are widely varied and highly interesting. Featured guests will include members of the jury, Maestro Leonard Slatkin, music critics, concert and orchestral managers, and special guests of the Cliburn Competition.
Lectures and Discussions
Lecture presentations on such important subjects as music styles and up-to-date information on the art of recordings will be hosted by various guests. Our increasingly popular discussion sessions will provide excellent platform for everyone to exchange ideas, in particular on the subject of “competitions” in an informal setting.
Accommodations and Meals
Waits Hall dormitory is conveniently located right next to the music building. It is fully air-conditioned, with comfortable lounges, large common kitchens, laundry rooms, and spacious bedrooms. Although most include a shared en-suite bathroom, some occupants will share conveniently located communal bathrooms. All bedrooms are equipped with linens and towels, a small refrigerator and a microwave. Meals are included in room prices for the Piano Texas week, but they are not included during the Competition. Participants are responsible for getting their own meals during the Competition.
Session I: (Check-in: May 31 at 1pm. Check-out: June 17 at noon) 
Single Room including linens: $1,135.00
Double Room including linens: $1,011.00
Session II: (Check-in: June 6 at 1pm. Check-out: June 17 at noon) 
Single Room including linens: $745.00
Double Room including linens: $669.00
Session III: (Check-in: June 11 at 1pm. Check-out: June 17 at noon) 
Single Room including linens: $420.00
Double Room including linens: $384.00
Buses for transportation between the TCU campus and Bass Performance Hall where the Cliburn Competition takes place will be arranged. PianoTexas is pleased to make this available to all participants. For those who wish to drive, limited parking space near the Bass Hall is available.
Tuition Fees (including the above mentioned transportation but excluding accommodation and meals)
Session I (May 31 - June 17) $700
Session II (June 6 - 17) $600
Session III (June 11 - 17) $500
Active Observer:
Session I (May 31 - June 17) $500
Session II (June 6 - 17) $400
Session III. (June 11 - 17) $300
General Observer:
Session I (May 31 - June 17) $400
Session II (June 6 - 17) $300
Session III. (June 11 - 17) $200
Cliburn Competition Tickets
Participants of the Teachers/Amateurs program will have priority seating when purchasing tickets to the Cliburn Competition. A limited number of tickets will be available through a special promo code from March 7 to 21 to confirmed PianoTexas participants only.
Semifinals, Finals and Award Ceremony:
Special Reserved Mezzanine $730
Special Reserved Gallery $470
Finals and Awards Ceremony
Special Reserved Mezzanine $330
Special Reserved Gallery $190.
For those Teachers/Amateurs who are interested in attending the complete Cliburn Competition, we welcome them as observers of the Young Artists Program with the option of extending participation for the last week of the Teachers/Amateurs Program with the appropriate tuition fee.
Application Deadline - Monday, February 20, 2017
Announcement of the 24 performers will be made on March 7.
Please read Application Procedures before applying 

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